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Singing Lessons

I’d Love To Give You Singing Lessons!

You’ve got the voice, I’ve got the know-how... let’s get together and make your beautiful voice sing!


Singing is my life, my love and my passion, and I’d love to help you unlock the true potential of your voice. I offer individual and group sessions, both in the UK and overseas. I’ve taught just about everyone, just about everywhere — from drama students to seasoned professionals, in studios and classrooms, on stage and on sand dunes (true story).


I also coach students preparing for Music / Theatre / Arts colleges, concert platforms and international competitions. They tend to do pretty well!


I also coach city and business professionals who want to develop their vocal confidence and presentation skills. 


Singing can help you:


•    Improve your concentration and confidence.

•    Develop projection and listening skills.

•    Relax and deal with stress.


Singing is good cardio-vascular exercise so it helps you keep fit. It also gets your body producing endorphins (happy hormones) — like eating chocolate but without the weight gain! Yay!


I conduct most of my formal teaching at a music studio in central London, but of course I can come to you as well. Whether you’re interested in Opera, Classical, Musical Theatre, Cabaret, Jazz, Pop or Folk, I can help you realise the full potential of your voice.


Every lesson is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Most of my students attend lessons on a weekly or fortnightly basis, but the precise schedule is up to you.


I can also offer singing lesson Gift Vouchers! Singing is a gift for life and makes a wonderful present for a friend or loved one! 


Marika, the Voice of Choice, is the teacher who can unlock the full potential of your voice!

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