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Presentation  &

Communication Skills

I’d Love To Teach You Presentation Skills!


If you want to lead, inspire and be listened to, you need to make the most of your voice!


I will show you how to develop a clear, strong (not necessarily loud) and commanding voice so that when you speak, others listen and take notice. 


Want to get heard in the boardroom? Want to get your ideas taken seriously? Want to persuade and lead like never before? I will show you how.


I’ll teach you the secrets of vocal delivery used by top business leaders, singers, politicians and even stand-up comedians. You’ll learn about vocal agility, range and colour, breathing, pitch, phrasing, pace, tone and vocal expression! 


Say goodbye to nerves and ‘stage fright’! I’ll show you how to engage the audience with confidence and develop relaxed yet commanding confidence in any situation.


I offer individual and group sessions focusing on vocal empowerment, effective networking, communication skills and presentation techniques.


My clients include The Institute of Directors, BP and TK Maxx, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, the University of York and University of London, as well as many individual professional speakers, presenters and event hosts.


You can book me for hourly sessions as well as corporate or group half- and full-day workshops.


Marika, the Voice of Choice, will teach you the real secrets of successful presentation and leadership!

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