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We use our voices on the daily basis. Be it professionally, or personally, we have all experienced episodes when our voice has let us down! This is a useful "how to" guide, laid out into categorised chapters for easy navigation, of tips on how to keep you on top of your vocal game!
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"Singing Exercises CD 1"

'Singing Exercises CD 1' is tailored to the novice and beginner vocalists among you. Not just for singers, but a great all rounder of daily vocal warm-up exercises. Easy track listings to talk you through the exercises.

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"Singing Exercises CD 2"

Although 'Singing Exercises CD 2' is a continuation of 'Singing Exercises CD 1', it stands alone in it's own right, and is aimed more at expanding your range, navigating your vocal gear change and producing a fuller sound.

Buy Marika's album "A Broken Heart

 'A Broken Heart' is an original song cycle with words by Norman Welch and music by Richard Knight. Recorded live with only voice (Marika Rauscher) and piano (Richard Knight), this is a raw and emotional work that looks back over a relationship, from the first days of being in love to the bitterness and sadness of a breakup to a hopeful turning towards the future.

Hear a sample from the album below:
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